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name:TV Air Dragon Mini multifunctional pump electric pressure inflator


Instrument air pump parameters are as follows:
Material: plastic nylon, ABS
Components: motor, pump + CAR CHARGER + + + balloon ball pressure hose adapter adapter
Input voltage: 12V
Input current: 10A
Product size: 18*8*25cm
Color box size: 18.5*8.5*25.5cm
Product net weight: 720g
Product color box weight: 830g
FCL carton: 53*35*39cm
FCL number: 16pcs
Net weight / gross weight: 11.7/15kg

Mechanical, electronic all the cash, the price is not the same

The following is the screen version of the parameters:
Product Name: Portable Air Compressor electric air pump car air pump (screen version)
Product material: ABS
Product weight: 1135g
Product box: 24PCS
Color box size: 22*9.5*26.5cm
Outer box size: 60.5*46*54.5cm
Outer box weight: 27.5/28.5kg